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OFW victims of cybercrime

Published on March 8, 2017 by rhoan

There are millions of hardworking OFW Filipinos who are victims of this young wanna be rich quick individuals.

President Duterte must do something to eliminate these lazy educated thieves. Lifetime jail sentence is appropriate for these cybercriminals. The Philippines is tag as a cybercrime country in the world like North Korea. Most Cybercrooks are bred from the middle-class families who can afford educations, computers and electronic gadgets. Cybercrimes are not pursued in the past by the Philippines authorities. The flow of money stop on ecommerce.

 The U.S banks and financial institutions like pal pals will not allow any on line purchase on ecommerce’s websites from U.S residents to be ship to the Philippines.  the OFW who resides abroad can’t purchase on line, on ecommerce websites like Lazada and SM.  Nobody even the good Samaritan Americans can help their extended families in the Philippines. In the past, they have purchased medical supplies like pampers and walking aids for those handicapped with strokes.  Not now. Not allowed.

 Besides stealing the OFW identity, a pattern is evolving. money remittance centers are asking a lot of questions even on small amount of money sent to relatives to pay their medical bills.

The flow of money slowed down. It doesn’t bode well for the Philippine economy.  Future is grim, the economic activities like infrastructures constructions will slow down. The only recourse is to pay higher taxes. Who can pay this taxes? Good luck with that. OFW who resides abroad are the lifeline of the Philippine economy.

Read more. Here’s the link courtesy of–nbi-picks-up-young-techie-for-phishing



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