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OFW victims of cybercrime
OFW victims of cybercrime
There are millions of hardworking OFW Filipinos who are victims of this young wanna be rich quick individuals. President Duterte ...
Mar 08, 2017 , 0
Cagsawa Church
Cagsawa Church
Cagsawa Church and the test of time. on February 1, 1814, the people of Albay witnessed Mayon Volcano’s most destructive ...
Dec 24, 2016 , 0
Seagull Resort
Seagull Resort
The place is charming and very clean, and the pictures we took impressed our friends.
Nov 22, 2016 , 0
Kadayawan Festival Davao 2016
Kadayawan Festival Davao 201...
Kadayawan Festival is an annual festival held in Davao City. The feast marks a celebration of thanksgiving, for life, nature ...
Nov 21, 2016 , 0
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